The Lifecycle of a Claim  

What is End-to-End Risk Mitigation?

With our unique Intelligent Healthcare Network, Emdeon takes advantage of savings opportunities at every stage of the claim lifecycle.

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Patient Access
In 2014, Emdeon processed 8 billion transactions and $1 trillion in claims value.
The OIG attributes approximately $11Billion to E/M billing errors during 2001-2010.1

Emdeon Coding Advisor

MultiPayer Analytics and a sequenced process that benchmarks provider billing, educates providers and monitors future billing, in the Pre-submission stage of the lifecycle, to reduce unnecessary costs from inappropriate billing.

Healthcare fraud in the U.S. has an estimated cost range of $75 billion to $640 billion.2


By closely monitoring and identifying aberrant claims through code edits, the application of investigative rules and multi-payer analytics, and early detection of anomalies, payers can detect outliers and combat costs prior to issuing payment

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